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Albert Mebus GmbH & Co KG

From local sales representative to one of the leading suppliers in the field of wristwatches, wall clocks, alarm clocks and weather stations in Europe.

"What began in 1931 with the founding of the company in Solingen has quickly developed into a fascinating success story."

From the era of sales representatives to a beautiful new world of shopping

Initially, Albert Mebus sells cutlery from Solingen ("Solinger Schneidwaren") as a sales representative. From the 1930s onwards, the shopping experience becomes more of a priority. Competition for the attention of customers begins: Music in the stores, attractive presentation of goods and decorative shop windows invite customers to shop. It's all about shopping, experience and lifestyle. Albert Mebus has a lot to do during this time. Cutlery from Solingen is in demand and very popular. Sales are made mainly through the specialized trade.

Germany on the ground - the upswing began with the deutschmark.

When the 2nd World War ended, Germany lacked everything. Food was scarce and was mainly paid for with the black currency cigarettes. With the D-Mark, the upswing began. Prosperity for all. The economic miracle. Also for Albert Mebus. The company quickly secured interesting representatives from the household sector. The great adaptability has always distinguished the company. Mass consumption changes shopping behavior. The customer experience consists primarily of size and selection. The low-price segment also develops with the emergence of the first discounters.

Bye-bye Corner store. Hello discounter and specialized trade.

Imposing department stores play a central architectural role in the reconstruction of Germany's war-torn cities. Specialty retailing is booming. Corner stores have had their day, and the grocery trade is focusing on self-service.

The 70s - quality around the clock

In the 1970s, Albert Mebus markets wall clocks for the first time. True to the promise: "Quality around the clock" („Qualität rund um die Uhr“), wall clocks are produced in the Black Forest ("Schwarzwald") and sold worldwide under the Mebus brand.

Since then, we have been fascinated by quality around the clock. We turn ideas into successful products. This high expectation of ourselves, our innovations and the reliability appreciated by our customers have made us one of the leading suppliers in Europe in the field of wristwatches, wall clocks, alarm clocks and weather stations.

Today: Developer. Producer. Marketer.

In addition to our own brand, we also make other brands big and develop, produce and distribute private label, product and packaging designs for our customers.

We take over product development, production and distribution on behalf of well-known companies and brands in the individual area or as a complete offer. In Germany, for example, we have the sole distribution rights for BRAUN watches.

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